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SeekingSitters membership is valid nationwide.  Each SeekingSitters member is provided with an efficient online account providing the ability to manage your home location, make a sitter request, view the babysitting team and set sitter preferences. 

A local owner is always available for your needs.  Local owners work to make sure that the most qualified and reliable sitters are available for your sitting needs.  Community is important to SeekingSitters and each local office is actively involved in their community. Check out the community events area to learn more.

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Let us help you find the right Babysitter or Nanny for your family.

Hi, I am Ashley Haas, the Owner of SeekingSitters Fort Collins. We help parents regain their confidence and joy in finding and keeping a professional sitter so they can have a happy and healthy family.

Have you struggled to find a nanny or local babysitter for your family that did not meet your expectations for one reason or another?

Reasons like this-

  • Last minute cancellations

  • Not enough experience

  • Unreliable - too many other commitments

  • Not interacting with your children

  • Leaving the house a total mess

  • Not communicating with you

  • Disrespectful

  • Too young

  • Too old

My guess is a big fat YES! You have wasted a ton of hours looking for a great babysitter and you feel deflated and tired.

I know because we also face these challenges every day. We have had hundreds if not thousands of professional sitters apply to be a part of our prestigious team. The difference with us is that we are in the business of finding, qualifying, checking and verifying that they are the BEST so we know when we find a good sitter and we REALLY know when they are not so great.

If you do not want to stress anymore about finding a local babysitter that meets and exceeds your expectations then working with SeekingSitters Fort Collins is the right solution for you.

We care about every family we work with and customize our service to best fit your family because we know that every family is unique.

If you are worried about safety - know that our screening process is top notch. No one does it as good as us.

If you are worried about quality - you can rest assured that NOT ONCE have I added a sitter to the team that isn't good enough for my family. They must be the best!

If you are worried about finding someone to fit your need - relax, we have a large, awesome sitter team, but if you don't find someone - we can recruit just for you.

If you are worried that it is not personal- we can schedule a meet and greets for you to meet sitters first. Plus you can talk to our team anytime you have questions.

Finding the right child care for your family is an important step in the health and happiness of your family. Let us help you leave home with confidence!

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